My Early Pre-teen Years,

I used to chase my brother around and we would feed the ducks with our family at the lake. We’d always go wade in the water and look for rocks to throw in it. We would try to play catch with other kids that came to the lake.

Some Memories When I Was Younger,

When I was younger, I remember taking my chicken-duck with me everywhere. Now it was funny because I couldn’t decide what it was. That was funny. When I was in first grade, I sang “My Country Tis Of Thee”, my first grade teacher Ms. Sylvester taught me. That was sure fun.

Summer Time short story,

No matter what I always collected seashells. My favorite ones were the white scalloped ones. Occasionally I’d find a light beige one with white on it. Then, I’d also find June bugs and lady bugs would and still do come to me. I guess I thought of it as good luck. (To be continued)🙂

Hello WordPress,

Ways To Help others. Community kindness projects. Most people really do appreciate help and time others will spend to help them with house or yard projects. Some examples of projects that could be done are cleaning yards of trash, weeds, or sticks; cleaning dead tree limbs that are within reach, watering flowers, and cleaning gutters,Continue reading “Hello WordPress,”

Hi I’m Lisa

Hello everyone I’m Lisa. I like to read and write when I can. I like to keep learning new things. Also I enjoy art too. My favorite art is scenery arts, then glass. Why do this? Because it gives new readers context. What are you about? Why should they read your blog? Because it willContinue reading “Hi I’m Lisa”

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