Some Of My Teen Year Memories,

I remember when I was about sixteen and a half I learned how to drive. I was nervous but I learned to like it after I got my liscence. I was glad I could learn about it. I met my younger girl cousin Michelle when she was close to her eighteenth birthday I believe. She is a good cousin and she taught me and I taught her some things. She enjoyed video chatting with her friends too. We went swimming at the pool together.

When I was younger I’d watch curious George a lot. It really made me laugh. 🤪🙈💮💐

I loved and still love learning. I remember learning to read by first grade. I played computer games that told me about synonyms and antonyms. So words that are alike but with different meanings. I think that the game had other things like vowels and consonants. I enjoyed it how it helped me learn.

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