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Ways To Help others. Community kindness projects. Most people really do appreciate help and time others will spend to help them with house or yard projects. Some examples of projects that could be done are cleaning yards of trash, weeds, or sticks; cleaning dead tree limbs that are within reach, watering flowers, and cleaning gutters, sidewalks, and then hedge or bush trimming; along with flower trimming if the person has flowers. Drains could also be cleaned. If the person has a small house, they might like to get small flowers or hang some by their patio room if they have one by their back door. It would make a calm atmosphere. Plants clear out the air also, so they promote health.

I really think vegetable gardens should be planted near older folks places, because that would be a place for them to walk outside and get excercise picking up the veggies. Even planting them would be some excercise and outside time. 🙂🙂

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